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"The Many Affiliations of the Marvel Universe" from Super Graphic

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Film Meme: male characters (5/9)

Bond. James Bond.

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I like films where the music and the sound design, at times, are almost indistinguishable. One of the interesting things that happened early on is the Edith Piaf song, that’s in the film, was always indicated in the script long before Marion came on the film. It had always been that choice of song.[…]What I decided to do was to give it to Hans and let him run with it and see if, in some way, it might inform elements of the score because we always knew, we talked in early conversations about towards the action climax of the film, there was going to be a need for the score to interweave seamlessly with this source queue, which is an extremely difficult technical thing to do. - Christopher Nolan

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I just….my new favourite thing is going on youtube and typing his name in the search bar. 


Revenge is sweet

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~ Benedict Cumberbatch | Mezamashi 2013.08.22

What I love is how stylish, relaxed and not awkard he is in that, look at that JGQMF strutting in that first GIF. I am not sure if he ever wore a Yukata before, but he looks brilliant in one.